About Integrated Loan Assistance

Who We Are

Who is ILA? We are a family. We pride ourselves in making sure that our clients, affiliates and everyone in between has the best chance to do one thing: Close Loans! Whether you are a client that is looking to buy your first dream home, or a loan officer that wants to change the lives of unfortunate credit files, we are here to help you get there.

Integrated Loan Assistance is comprised of credit specialists, lawyers, accountants and financial professionals, offering all of our clients a team of qualified individuals that develop optimal strategies to maximize credit scores in the shortest amount of time.

At Integrated Loan Assistance, our credit specialists have the experience and knowledge to address clients problematic credit history and ensure that positive changes are made.

Our focus is to defend clients' credit rights and provide education and informative guidance about consumer laws that protect them from inaccurate and unverifiable information from appearing on their credit reports.

Why ILA? 

Clients trust us, and lenders prefer us! Integrated Loan Assistance has forged long lasting relationships with lending professionals from all corners of the country.  Lending professionals nationwide depend on us maximize their pipeline by helping their clients qualify for loans leading to substantially increased closed-deal percentages. We work fast & securely using the most current regulatory standards to maximize credit scores.

What We Do

From day one, ILA has begun helping clients who can’t qualify for loans.  Our clients rely on our credit resolution services and our innovative strategies to remove their credit errors to maximize credit scores in a fast & secure manner, while adhering to the most current regulatory standards.

We offer comprehensive credit repair for our clients. By comprehensive, we mean that we don't just want to help remove negative items. We want to educate, inform, and empower our clients to have better futures. While we love having you as a client and helping you get there, we don't want to have to see your file come across our desk again. 

From our staff of educated credit advisors, to our processing team that puts real eyes on your file for personalized analysis, we will make sure that if you have a chance to have items removed from your report and build a better foundation for your future, we will get you there!