Credit Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it. Here are just a handful of the hundreds of testimonials we have received over the past couple years…we’re sure you get the point.

"Thanks to my dad naming me after him, I had a bunch of my father’s accounts on my credit report.  They were able to get these incorrect accounts removed as well as coach me on what I needed to do to build my credit history as I had very little credit history besides a collection account that they were able to remove for me as well. With the knowledge they have provided to me I can move on and continue to build my credit and be a responsible borrower.”

Bill and Linda F.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"My wife and I found our dream home and though that there had been enough time from my bankruptcy that we would be able to get approved. Unfortunately, I could not. My broker, Ken, told me to call Ryan and his team at Integrated Loan Assistance. I thought there was no way they could remove a collection account that was mine let alone my bankruptcy. They worked their magic and in five short months they cleaned up the bankruptcy and we got into our dream home! Just in time for the in-laws to visit. If only they took a couple months longer. Just kidding, but seriously, thank you to Ryan and Integrated Loan Assistance for helping my wife and I achieve our dream of home ownership again!”

Betty A.

Sunshine, FL

"My daughter told me about this credit repair program that she was using. She was telling me how nice her rep was and how they had cleaned up almost all of her report. With the low rates today, I figured I might as well take advantage and save some money. She got me in touch with Justin and she was right! They explain things to me in a way that an old lady like me can understand. They are very nice even when I call them for the fourth time in one day. It is always a joy to hear from their staff. They were able to boost my scores 80 points in just 2 months.  They were able to save me a lot of money on my mortgage and I was even able to get cheaper car insurance due to a higher credit score! Who knew your credit score could save you so much money! Thank you again for all your help Integrated Loan Assistance!”

Johnny D.

Greenwich, CT

"I just got my new social security number and needed to transfer over my credit history from my ITIN number. Integrated Loan Assistance was able to get my information and history transferred over to the three bureaus so that I did not lose any of my payment history. They taught me what I needed to do to get the most bang for my buck out of my credit score. They always made me feel like a priority and was always considerate of my work schedule as I work third shift. They would always wait to call me until I woke up to get ready for work again. Thank you for helping me transfer my credit history and give me the tools to achieve a great credit score.”

"I’ll admit it, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do this or not. It was another bill in a tight time for my family but I needed to get a couple collection accounts removed so I could get my wife a new car. Thanks to the knowledgeable staff explaining every step of the way I felt much more at ease and was excited to receive my results in the mail and see the collection account deleted from the first round of investigation! These guys know what they are doing. I highly recommend going for it and starting fresh."

Jerry B

Bronx, NY

"I was trying to get a loan and my free online credit monitoring site told me my scores were great but I went in and ended up getting denied because they were 100 points lower. My loan officer recommended I speak with Tara at Integrated Loan Assistance. I ended up talking with Marco and he explained to me why they were different and went over what they could help me with. I got started that day. And three months later my scores are boosted back up and they were able to get 20 deletions for me! Thank you for all your hard work.”

Chris T.

Boulder, CO

“At the last credit repair company, I was with they sent me a letter template for me to fill out myself and charged me an outrageous upfront fee. I dumped them and got with Integrated Loan Assistance. Since then, they have handled everything for me. I just send them the information they handle absolutely everything. The amount of money I saved on my loan far outweighs what I spent with Integrated Loan Assistance. Worth every penny.”

Gina T.

Grand Rapids. MI

"Thank you to everyone at Integrated Loan Assistance! Without your help my husband and I could not have gotten into our house! My credit was not horrible as I only had a couple late payments on my student loans but my husband was the main one we were concerned about. ILA was able to get my file done faster than my husbands. Shortly after mine was done, his judgment was deleted and we were approved! Thank you so much for all your hard work. We will enjoy this upcoming holidays in our new home thanks to you. You changed our lives and saved us a ton of money."

Kirsten D. and William D.

"I thought I always knew what to do when it came to credit issues and how to best build my credit score but a lot of what I thought ended up not being true when it came to cleaning up mistakes I made in the past as well as trying to help improve my scores. Like paying a collection account, I thought that would boost my scores but it did not. Justin was able to explain to me what exactly I needed to do right now and in the future to help improve my credit. From here, I truly know what to do and if I don’t then I can just call Justin and ask him. Bottom line, very knowledgeable staff that I would recommend to my grandmother.”

Bridget D.

Austin, TX

“Due to some of the worst decisions of my life, came the best decision, signing up with Kendall and his team at Integrated Loan Assistance. They were able to clean up 54 accounts that were tanking my scores. My scores have boosted up an average of 135 points with all three bureaus in just 7 months! Their customer service blew me away with how on top of my case they were and how easy they made the program for me. Thank you to Kendall and everyone at Integrated Loan Assistance for all their hard work.”

Justin O.

Nashville, TN