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Why Such A Wild Range of Credit Scores?

If you’ve ever applied for any type of loan, you probably understand how important a credit score is to your financial health. But how much do you know about where your credit score comes from, or the companies that create them? Knowing these basics will shape your perspective on the wonderful world of credits scores.

Get the Truth on These 6 Credit Myths  

When you are looking to buy a home, a car or make a similar large purchase, you want to know that your credit is in good shape. It is also important to understand how your credit report and scores are managed, as well as how lenders look at them.

The Five Cs Lending Professionals Should Recognize to Evaluate Their Client’s Creditworthiness

Let’s say your client is in the market for a big purchase. They come to you for a loan to buy a house, a car, maybe a boat, or another sizeable item that requires a loan. The first thing you as a lending professional should do to make a determination on a loan request is to evaluate the client’s creditworthiness, which will better inform the client’s chance of repaying their loan.