Lending Pros Testimonials

We Strive To Maintain Perfect Relationships

"Great work team! Another loan closed!  Curtis and Jennifer are closing on their new home today! Thank you for all your efforts! We love happy customers!"

Jennifer D.

"The first one I referred to you had a 60-point jump in his score after 30 days and we can get him a conventional loan.”

Randy W.

"Marco, Justin, Kristin, Alyssa- Thank you so much for the follow-up and status of our clients. Great work!! I must say I've been in this business for 17 years now and worked with MANY credit repair companies and you have destroyed my expectations!!!! Your rep, Alyssa is top-notch in all aspects of business and it continues with your internal team. I'm a hard-ass and don't give praise very often so my hats off to you. Now, please don't ever get too busy for my referrals"

Jeff T.

"You guys rock!  The client we sent to you, we closed him in August, only two months after he started with your program. He chose continue with your program to maximize his score for the future.”

Marcy E.

"This is amazing!  Great news and I’m soooo thankful for all the help you have provided Mr. Gater! He has had nothing but great things to say about ILA and constantly raves about how happy he is with the progress.  I certainly appreciate the update and THANK YOU so much for taking such great care of Mr. Gater!"

Angela S.